A few of you guessed what I was up to.  Some of you knew.  So, yeah, I made a quilt for the craft swap.  And I really, really love this quilt.


It’s throw size – I forgot to measure it.  I think it ended up around 50" x 60".  I made the six colored blocks on Monday night.  I was in a piss poor mood and playing with fabric changed my frame of mind completely.  I used the same paper bag method that I learned at Denyse Schmidt’s studio in November.  I loaded the bags with 5 solids and 6 prints.  I can’t tell you who made the solids, but all the prints are Amy Butler’s Midwest Modern that I had in my stash.


I pieced the blocks in about an hour and a half.  I made myself move fast so I wouldn’t overthink.  I knew that it would be cohesive because I had loaded the bags with the fabric myself.  I kept going until I got tired.  On Tuesday morning, I got up, looked at them all and started adding the dark green around them to make a rectangle.  I then used large strips of green to make the quilt top bigger.


For the back, I made a small horizontal patchwork strip and sewed it between the orange and darker pink solids.  I couldn’t resist putting a piece of this cute little house print in.  It’s Japanese and came from Purl.


I quilted it with a green thread that matched the lime solid.  I chalked lines 4" apart and free-motioned loops below each line.  I bound it in the lime solid, using a zig zag stitch.


This block is my favorite.  Something about it just speaks to me.

So there you go.  The craft swap quilt.  I really do love it.  So much.  In the end, though, it went home with someone else.  And I let it go willingly.

If you want to see the rest of the goodies that were swapped, and the very cool piece I ended up with, go visit Caroline’s blog.  Everything was fabulous – I would have taken any of it willingly.  Caroline tells the story so so well – play by play, actually.  Plus, she took photos and I didn’t.

Have a great weekend.  I think I have one or maybe two more posts in me before I disappear for the holidays.  See you soon.

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