I could tell you about how the sun is shining and the temperature is rising and how much I like spring this year.

I could tell you about the nine month old refrigerator leaking water and feeling really lucky that someone noticed right away. And that there was no damage to my floors. And that my contractor and carpenter came running even though it wasn't their problem. And how the repair guy was awesome and fixed it even though it took 3 trips.

I could tell you about the daffodils blooming and about how when I looked up yesterday, I noticed that the magnolia is starting to open its buds.

I could tell you about how it has rained and rained, and then rained some more. And with that rain, the realization that we have a leak in our basement. And how Fatty figured out what the problem was and our landscape guy dug to confirm the suspicions. And about how I now need to call a plumber.

I could tell you about picking up 12 bags of mushroom compost for the raised beds. And my friend that bought me broccoli and brussels sprout seedlings and a handful of seed packets. And then brought home farm fresh eggs from her co-worker for me.

I could tell you that I am cooking dinner at night and enjoying how clean everyone's plate has been. And about how the kids have stopped complaining, at least this week, about what's being served. And then I could go on about Mad Hungry and my deep love for this cookbook even though I have only made 3 recipes. But, I have made those three over and over and I cannot get enough.

I could tell you about how I'm sleeping so soundly at night. That the only thing waking me up is my bladder. And about how my mind is at rest for the first time in a long while and how happy that makes me.

I could tell you that I'm spending less time on the computer and about the books I'm reading instead.

I could tell you that I want to do a triathalon in June, but that I haven't started training. And that the swimming portion scares me which is why I'm still on the fence.

I could tell you that my children are growing like weeds and how Kate's foot grew 1.5 sizes since September. And Jane's not far behind. And how I realize we will be buying adult sized sneakers next go around and how the corresponding price tag is unfriendly, especially since there are no longer hand-me-downs from one girl to the other.

March 17

But instead, I am going to tell you that these single girl quilts are ready for binding. And about how the binding strips have been cut for over two years thanks to my mother-in-law and her willingness to help me cut all those patchwork pieces. And about how I will work on these over the next couple of nights with something good on the TV (Netflix streaming recommendations, anyone?). And about how I am so anxious to see these finished and on Kate's beds. And how accomplished I feel right now because it has been a long time since I started this project. And how my mind is already on the next quilt(s) in line. And just how much I am loving sewing right now.

And I'm going to tell you Happy St. Patrick's Day.

And that, of course, I'm wearing green.

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