I am back in the groove.  The craft gods are smiling and I have the itch.  Ideas are floating around and inspiration is at my fingertips.  To knit or to sew?   What a quandary.  I couldn’t choose one over the other…so I chose both.


I cast on a 4 to 8 hour project from this book.  At the rate I am going, I think it will be closer to 8 hours which is just fine.


And I made this cute patchwork pin cushion from the other book.  It was in the 2 to 4 hour section….it took me less than 2 hours, though.  Well, that is if you don’t count the time I spent waffling over what color thread to use.

Both books are lovely.  Gorgeous and full of wonderful projects, actually.  Last-Minute Knitted Gifts has been around for awhile, I just never had purchased it.  I like the concept that these gifts can be whipped up in a (relatively) short amount of time.  My kind of crafting.

Last-Minute Patchwork and Quilted Gifts is right down my alley.  I knew I was going to like it, though.  Joelle let me have a sneak peek at an advance copy when I was at Purl Patchwork in August.  Lucky me.  One flip through this book had me sold.  I had dreams about it.  Seriously.  That is how wonderful it is.  You can see more photos at the Purl Bee.  There are so many projects I want to make, but beyond that is the incredible inspiration this book provides.  Wowzers!  It’s eye candy in the form of fabric and color.  I want to sew all day long.   Forget cooking and cleaning and (gasp!) blog reading, I just want to sew.  And knit and then sew some more.  It’s that good.

Back tomorrow with more good stuff.

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