Amh shirt 2

I've been out of sorts for the better part of two weeks.  Sewing is normally good therapy for me.  So, in an attempt to right myself, I made my version of Anna Maria's Museum Tunic.  I'd been thinking about it since I first saw her post.  Jennie went and made one for herself which further added to my desire to make this for myself.  I only had one panel of the square dance fabric so I opted for a longish shirt, something to wear with jeans or a straight skirt, instead of the dress.  I followed her diagram, but serged all the edges before I sewed the
panels together.  It came together fast – maybe about an hour and a half?  I sewed it between trips to the pool and making pickles so I can't say for sure how long it took.  Regardless, it was a quick and satisfying project.  Like Jennie, I tried it on as I went and adjusted the v-neck and sleeves accordingly.  In the end, though, it really doesn't fit me like I think it should.  There is something funky about the sleeves at my bust line which could be: a) my body; b) too tight elastic under the bust; c) the open sleeve style; d) elastic in the wrong place (too high or low); or e) none of the above.  Who knows?  I'm certainly stumped. It's really a shame because the fabric is dreamy.  So so soft and light – perfect for the heat wave going on around here.

I keep trying it on and thinking I might be able to figure out what to do, but I am at a loss.  It's either destined to sit in my closet or be taken apart.  I'm leaning towards taking the stitch ripper to the elastic and seeing if I can resurrect the shirt in some other fashion – maybe with elastic thread?  I know Anna Maria prefers the actual elastic, but I've been know to shirr a few things so why not?  If that doesn't work, those squares will look great in a quilt.

Amh shirt 

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