Granny week 4

Summer is busy. I thought I'd get here earlier this week, but it just did not happen.

I am managing to get my crochet homework done each week. And I have one of my hand stitching projects finished, too. I'll show and tell just as soon as I get some one to take photos of me wearing it.

Someone asked for lime cocktail recipes…I'm working on that, too. I have a new one that I'm excited to share.

Camera strap colorways have been chosen. Realistically, the shop will be restocked in July. I'm also working on another item for the shop. I'm super excited about it. Giddy, in fact.

I best go. There's a field hockey game starting in a half hour. I'll be yelling loudly for Jane and under my breath for Kate as she has forbidden me to cheer for her.  So be it.

Back soon.


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