Hello there.  We're home from the sun, getting back in to our routines.  Yesterday morning, I woke up and decided that I need a plan to tackle everything I have to do and still have time to do the things I want to do.  You know what I am talking about….that elusive thing called balance.  I started by mapping out my week – writing down all the commitments, sports practices, etc.  Then I planned our meals and made a grocery list.  After I went to the store and cleaned up from lunch, I escaped up to the sewing room and frittered away the afternoon.  See?  Have-to and want-to, all in the same day.  This morning, I cleaned the cat box, returned some phone calls and then
cleared my desk and cleaned out a closet.  I put dinner in the slow
cooker and did some dishes.  Now I am going to treat myself with an
hour of sewing before I have to get the girls from school.  It's my own
little reward system.  Have-to first.  Want-to second.  Hopefully, I can keep it up and manage to get a lot done in the meantime.  I'll let you know how it works out.

April 5 012_1_1

Heather is posting good things about each day on her blog this week.  I love this idea because it focuses on the positive which is so much nicer to think about than all those negative things that can get us down.  Good things on this Monday:

– Kate was up and dressed, ready to go before I even got out of bed.  She said she wanted to make my morning easier.  Love that.
– I cut all the daffodils from the yard and they are making me smile.
– I am happy to be home because I love it here.

I hope your day is full of good things and that you get your have-to's done so you can have some want-to's also.

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