Today my mom is the birthday girl and I hope she is enjoying every minute.  I have great memories of my mom’s birthdays.  Every year my dad baked my mom a cake from scratch.  As I got older, I lent a hand in the kitchen and later took over the baking.  I wish I could be with them today to give my mom a big old hug and kiss and eat some chocolate cake with a glass of champagne.  No doubt they are having fun!

I love giving hand made gifts.  Inspired by Sally and Autumn, I made my own version of the patchwork belt for my mom.   Autumn has a nice tutorial on her site, but I made mine a little differently.  My mom has a fondness for red, so I mixed it with some pink, green, black and white and came up with this.


I am very happy with the way it turned out – hope she likes it, too!  I also made her a appliqued bird t-shirt complete with a swarovski crystal eye and more red thread.


Here’s to you mom!

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