Is it really here?  Already?  Eek.  I think it came kind of fast this year.  I have candy to give out and the kids have costumes.  Jane is a pirate and Kate is a mermaid.  Both costumes are store-bought pieces of junk, but I am okay with that.  I couldn’t make them after last year.  Well, I could have thrown a pirate costume together pretty easily, but the picky dresser didn’t like that idea.  Kate’s costume has already ripped.  Twice.  Oh well.  I am not fixing it again – it seems futile.

I’ve been sick since Sunday morning.  Monday afternoon it was a confirmed case of strep throat with a sinus infection chaser.  I’m feeling better today, but I am still not up to snuff.  I’m tired and just want to nap.  But I am the second grade room mother, so I have to go run the Halloween Party this afternoon.  Thank goodness we have a Krispy Kreme nearby.  The thought of making cupcakes really wears me out.  I wish I could find a good, age appropriate, short video for the kids to watch because playing GHOST bingo sounds like a lot of work, too.    But then again, I have the bingo game and I don’t have the video.  I guess bingo wins.

On a brighter note, Jane brought home this drawing.  It made me smile.


Off to stuff goody bags (oh joy!) and then work up the energy to take a shower.  Maybe after school I will feel well enough to carve pumpkins.  Then again, no one has asked about doing that so I may not bring it up.  Yes, I am feeling like a bad mom.

Enough grumbling.  Hope your Halloween is safe and full of fun.  And candy – lots of candy.  Hey, I think a bite of chocolate might be just what the doctor ordered.  Now where did I put it?

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