I have a prediction….you are probably sick of Christmas gifts, but I think you are only going to get sicker.  Really, I have some stuff to share.  So here I go – the beginning of the handmade gifts.  I made much less this year than I did last year.  For many reasons, I think this was better (time, energy, stress, appreciation of handmade, etc).  My six nephews received the highest quantity of handmade goods.   Here is part one – the t-shirts.  I am especially proud that all but one of these designs were drawn freehand by me.  Can you guess which one wasn’t?


a turtle for Evan


a penguin for Finn


a whale for Miles


an elephant for Ian


a puppy for Kenan


and a giraffe for Declan.

Looking back on these, it is really evident to me which one isn’t mine.  Maybe that is because I made them – who knows?

Back tomorrow with handmade, part two.

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