I hope you all had a fantastic weekend.  Ours was wonderful with too much candy and lots of good friends.  The girls are off from school today and so far this morning have been reading their new books and puttering around the house.  I am sure we will gear up to do something this afternoon, probably stand on a bench, but otherwise, it promises to be a mellow day.  I like that.

April 12 - easter 074_1_1

Over the past week, I have been thumbing through my copy of Betz White's new book, Sewing Green.  I was really excited to receive my copy of it.  Betz is doing a blog tour similar to Heather Ross's.  She has alread made a few stops and, lucky me, House on Hill Road is one of her final destinations!  I encourage you to check out these posts – Betz has great tips and info to share and look, I see lots of giveaways!

Monday, 4/6, True Up, Q & A and giveaway
Tuesday, 4/7 U-handbag, Review and giveaway
Wednesday, 4/8, Craftzine, Sandwich wraps, giveaway, and Q&A
Thursday, 4/9, This is Love Forever, Furoshiki, giveaway
Friday, 4/10, Knotions, Thrift shop savvy for knits, giveaway
Monday, 4/13, Craftypod, Review and giveaway
Tuesday, 4/14, Crafting a Green World, Review and giveaway
Wednesday, 4/15, Freshly Blended, Review and giveaway
Thursday, 4/16, Etsy Storque, Announcement of Etsy Lab Tyvek project
Friday, 4/17, Make Grow Gather, Q&A with photos, giveaway
Tuesday, 4/21, Philly Etsy, Review, Q&A, giveaway
Wednesday, 4/22, Whip Up, Applique tips and tricks, giveaway
Thursday, 4/23, Wardrobe Refashion, Thrift shop savvy for sewing, giveaway
Monday, 4/27, Morsbags, Review and giveaway
Tuesday, 4/28, Heart Handmade, Inspiration and ideas, giveaway
Wednesday, 4/29, House on Hill Road, Organics for baby, giveaway
Thursday, 4/30, Craft Sanity, Q&A, giveaway

You can find additional information and updates to the tour on the STC Craft|Melanie Falick Books blog.

OK – that's it today.  I have camera straps to make and a house to get in order.  Have a fantastic day.

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