It’s a Friday in February…ho hum.  Just think in two more weeks it’ll be March.   That gives me hope.

Not much happening over here.  I’ve been making x’s like crazy.  Well, not too crazy – I have three done.  They each take me a little more than an hour – an hour and a half if I obsess about the random factor.  So really, they take an hour and a half each.  Who am I kidding?  I hope to finish the entire quilt top by next weekend.  If I make an x a day that is entirely do-able.  If I stop obsessing about pattern and color, it will be a piece of cake.  Wish me luck.


Jennifer has received my quilt square.  I love it and she likes it so all is well.  Pop on over to the virtual quilting bee group on Flickr.  I love how it is coming together!

Tomorrow looks promising – I have a sewing class to learn how to use my Bernina Stitch Regulator (woo hoo!) and a date with my man  (yippee!).   Hope your weekend holds just as much promise.  Enjoy!

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