Monday play

These six blocks are what I had after one hour of improvisational sewing yesterday. I continued to pull fabrics from the bags, but went a little bigger than my first round of blocks. I also did some slicing of strips that I had already pieced and then sewed them back together in a different way. I like the feel of that.

Monday play 2

And here they are mixed with Sunday's blocks. I don't think they will stay in this arrangement – there are a couple of hot spots making me crazy. But I mostly like what I see and I think I have an inkling of where this whole project is headed. That said, I'm leaving the blocks up on the design wall outside my studio while I sew downstairs today. I want to make sure that what I see here does not influence how or what I sew today.

I also think I may throw some white or a low volume print (or two) in the mix, as well as some gray. I think it needs some spaces where the eyes can rest.

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