Liberty 1

Liberty 2

Liberty 4

I bought myself a spectrum stack of Liberty prints from Purl for Christmas. I'd wanted it for a long time, hemmed and hawed and then added it to my Christmas list at the last minute.  Fatty emailed me and said, "Buy it." So I did.  It's made up of 52 fat eighths (each approximately 9" x 26") and was a total splurge.  This morning I started out cutting them into 4" squares – I can get 12 from each print.  The plan is a king-sized quilt for Fatty and I during the summer months.  This pile won't yield quite enough squares, but I plan on supplementing with a solid white cotton lawn and a few more Liberty prints from my stash.  I want to hand quilt this and so I am starting now, hoping that by the end of May, I'll be sleeping under it.

Liberty 3

One thing I love about this stack is that there are many prints in it that I probably wouldn't have bought individually, but are going to be great in this big Liberty mish-mash of a quilt.  This one, though, I love. I've never seen it before and its subtle blues and greens in that large scale print are stunning.  I'm sure I'll find more treasures like this as I make my way down the pile.  I spent an hour and a half cutting and I only managed to make it about a third of the way.

This is definitely a long-term project.

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