Do you like my new toy?  Hooray!  I have been saving up for a serger for awhile and with some birthday cash from my parents (thanks Mom and Dad!), I finally had enough to buy it.  It was worth every penny!


I made this shirt yesterday – sorry for the fuzzy photo.  I used this tutorial.  I am pretty happy with how it turned out.  I did have to take in the sides a bunch – like four inches.  I thought the pattern looked really big after I drew it out and it was.  I don’t think that the tutorial is wrong – this was entirely my fault.  I must have had a math mistake somewhere, but, luckily, it was easy enough to fix.


After I got the fit right, I serged up the side seams to finish them off.  So fast and so easy!  Then I serged the bottom edge before I turned it up to hem.  So professional looking, too.

I was a bit hesitant to make this shirt mostly because I need to wear a bra.  The thought of a strapless one makes me shudder – I hate those things so much.  The solution:  clear bra straps.  Whoever thought of those is brilliant!  And while I wouldn’t wear them with a strapless dress, they do the trick for wearing a summer shirt around town.


The craft party yesterday was cancelled due to a sick kid (not one of mine).   We postponed until this afternoon.  More on that tomorrow.

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