Today I have a rare, most likely one-time treat for you: Fatty's taking over the blog! He's working on a small project that I thought you all might want to hear about. He's been talking about doing this since last year and the time finally arrived. Plus, it's his birthday today! I'm not spilling the beans on how old – let's just say that he's older than me. Ahem. Take it away, Fatty…..


 Growing a mustache isn't really all that hard.  Empirically it seems to be taking a little longer than I thought it would.  It's time consuming.  Maybe I should have been tipped off by the actually terminology of "growing a mustache" as opposed to possibly "wearing a mustache".  I feel more like I've been cultivating a mustache over the last 16 days.  It didn't look like a mustache until the end of the first week.  Days one through seven felt like the chia pet stage.  Things really started to solidify this weekend at a local bike race on day thirteen.  I was not racing myself.  I was watching the pros race here in town in our leg of the USGP of Cyclocross.  I wore my favorite Akubra snowy river hat that looks like a real buckeroo cowboy hat (steamed into its current shape one drunken night 20 years ago by a true friend who happened to be a part time rodeo cowboy).  It is my go to hat on a sunny day when I know I'll be outside all day.  The combination of the hat and my fresh mustache drove home the fact that cowboys have more fun.  I crossed over into real mustache land the next day when I went for a mountain bike ride in the late afternoon and could feel the wind blowing through the mustache.  It was wild and kind of cool.  On the negative side, now I have to think about food and beverage getting trapped on the upper lip.
Well, enough rambling.  I'm halfway through the month of Movember and excited to see what this thing ends up looking like.  Movember is a charitable concept built around getting guys to grow sponsored mustaches in an effort to raise funds and awareness for men's health, specifically prostate cancer.  The guys (Mo-Bros) and a few ladies (Mo-Sistas) from our beer company have challenged another beer company to see who can raise the most money for the Movember cause.  Erin encouraged me to write a blog post about it for you charitable folks.  If you feel like supporting my efforts by making a donation, please visit my mospace page at

Thanks for reading and thanks in advance for any help.  Happy birthday to me.  Hooray beer.


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