For Baby Kenan, I appliqued some Heather Ross dogs onto burp cloths.  I made a similar set for our other new nephew, Declan.  The ginghams and stripes are out of the scrap pile.  Gotta love that!


I also made an appliqued elephant t-shirt for our nephew Finn’s 3rd birthday.


I copied the elephant from some Japanese fabric I had in the stash.  I wanted to make the original fabric a patch, kind of like the burp cloths, but it just didn’t look right.   Really, it was bad.  So I took the original fabric and blew it up on the copier and then traced it onto scraps.  This guy is much better.

Best of all, both of these projects took very little time.  And very little material.  I bought the cloth diapers and the t-shirt, but the rest was on hand.  In fact, I keep cloth diapers and various sized t-shirts on hand, too.  You never know when you might need to whip up a fast gift.  For me, that happens rather often.  Most people call that procrastinating.  Well, ok, maybe so.  But humor me.  Please?  Doesn’t fast crafting sounds a whole lot better?  It does?  Phew!  I thought so.

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