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There was no school on Thursday and Friday so we took advantage of our day off and went apple picking.  It'd been a few years since we last went and it was wonderful to spend some time outside on such a beautiful day. As the girls get older, they pick more fruit and can last longer out in the orchard.  As a result, I will probably be making applesauce for days.  Boy oh boy, did they pick a lot!

Fall's arrival had me hankering to knit.  I want to tackle hats and sweaters and mitts and cowls.  I want to sew pillows for the family room and make a bunch of quilts.  I want to cook soup once a week and bake bread.  I want to drink tea with honey in the afternoon and maybe even make some apple cider donuts.  I want to read books in bed and take hot baths.  I want to start making my holiday gifts.  I know I won't get to it all, but I am determined to create and produce this season.

Do you have big plans for fall?  What are you planning on making?

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