So I have been practicing free motion quilting…



I am pretty happy with how I am doing.  There are two things I need to work on.  The first is speed.  I have a tendency to go fast and I do better when I slow it down a bit.  And second, I really need to chalk lines so I can keep things straight.  Easy enough to fix, I think.

The quilt is sandwiched and ready to move to the machine.  I am hesitant, though.  I cannot decide what color thread to use for the quilting.


Here’s a peek at the quilt sandwich.  The top is the aqua print with a large red applique.  The back is orange gingham with a patchwork strip (aqua, red, orange, yellow, gray).  The binding is going to be a red and white large scale print.  So what do I do?  My original thought was to use white on top and red on the back, but now I am wondering if that is wise.  Other options include orange on top, aqua on back or maybe red on top, aqua on back or red on both top and back…..Suggestions, anyone?

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