Just in case you think we’ve gone to the beach (wouldn’t that be nice?), this is a photo from last summer. This is Kate when she thinks she is being clever.  Tonight, after being "in bed" for an hour (she was goofing around and playing in her room, but I generally choose not to fight that battle), she came downstairs.  Here’s our conversation:

Me:  Go to bed, Kate.
Kate:  Mom, I need to tell you something.
Me:  Make it fast.
Kate:  Well…’s a few things.  It might take a little while.
Me:  Get going then.
Kate:  I love you…  And you are pretty…  And you have beautiful hair…  And I like your earrings…  And your sweater…  And I really, really like your……(long pause, thinking face)…..couch.
Me:  My couch?
Kate (giggling):  Yes, the couch. (fit of giggles ensues).  Goodnight Mom.
Me:  Goodnight Kate.  I love you.
Kate:  I know that Mom.

She cracks me up.  Daily.

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