Do I go with a straight setting?

On point

Or do I set it on point?

I drafted the pattern myself and then paper pieced it. And if you know how much paper piecing and I aren't the best of friends, you understand why it took me a few months to come around to making this thing instead of just thinking about it. I have no idea if a block like this exists out in the world although I imagine there must be something similar. And so what do I call it? Got any ideas for a name?

Also, do I get knee deep in these fabrics and keep going in this direction? Or should I sit with it a bit and see what develops?

Me? I'm leaning towards on point (although it may mean more troubling math), calling it something that has to do with the early October (it feels crisp, but bright here in Kentucky) , and waiting it out (finishing the flying geese first).

What do you think?

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