…is for do-it-youself.  I hate paying someone to something that I can do myself.  That is if I have the time to do it.  I don’t have carpentry skills (only because I have never tried to build something – I really think I could if I had the tools), but I like to paint.  Walls, not portraits and landscapes.

…is for dogwood.  I love this spring blooming tree.  There are so many in our city – it is absolutely gorgeous.

…is for Dansko.  I love my clogs.  I have three pairs – one is very old and well worn; the others are newer but just as loved.  I wish they came in my favorite shade of green.



…is for dark.  I can’t sleep well when there is a lot of light.  Our bedroom is like a cave which is just perfect for me.

…is for diaphanous.  I just like that word.

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