Here is something I love:


Kate is at it again.  She asked me if she could embroider something to make a pillow.  Of course!  She drew this frog and I traced the back side of the drawing with a transfer pencil and then ironed it onto this cotton.  She worked on it for about 30 minutes a couple of days ago and then put it down.  This is why it takes her six months.


Not to be left out, Jane is working on a swan from the Sublime Stitching book.  She really wasn’t interested in stitching one of her own drawings.  She is a wonderful little artist, but she likes lots of details and that doesn’t always come across well with embroidery floss.

Something else I love:  the Creative Summer flickr group started by Molly.  Wow!  There are lots of great ideas over there and I plan posting as much as I can.  I am especially enamored with Mama Urchin’s lily pad toss game.  Such a wonderful idea.

What creative things are you doing with your kids this summer?

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