Thanks for all the sweet birthday wishes for Jane.  When I got to my inbox yesterday, there were over 100 emails waiting to be answered so I made the executive decision not to reply to the birthday comments.  I really do appreciate you all coming by and wishing my sweet girl a happy day.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Ok….big exhale.  Three birthdays and Thanksgiving in three weeks time is enough to bog anyone down.  It’s been busy here – the crazy, good busy.  I am a bit behind on the Christmas shopping and definitely don’t have all my decorating finished.  The advent calender is empty, but I am hoping to rectify that situation today.  Time to get all my ducks in a row so I can get to the fun stuff – sewing and knitting!

Jane had her birthday party at our house on Saturday.  This is the second time we have decorated gingerbread houses for her birthday and I really think that this is my favorite kids’ party idea.  It’s fun for them, requires little work from me (I use the Wilton kits – bought on sale at Target and put together before the party), and provides a good activity and party favor at the same time.  The kit is great for a family activity, too, or you can do as I did last year and leave it for a babysitter to make with your kids when you are out at all those Christmas parties.



After we finished decorating the houses, we had chocolate cupcakes and peppermint ice cream – yum! – and a little impromptu dance party.  Eight is pretty great.

More good stuff coming later this week including my adventures with the print gocco, some finished knitting and hopefully some sewing, too.  Enjoy your Monday.

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