This weekend was a wash craft-wise.  I had big plans – sewing some quilt squares and working on my next swap project.  Neither of those happened.  I did, however, make some progress on the state of our house.  I taught my girls how to clean bathrooms and watched them do just that.  Nice, huh?  I also went through my plethora of knitting bags and chucked all the unfinished projects that I no longer wanted to make.  Socks, anyone?  In the process I found about 6 cable needles, dozens of stitch markers and the illusive size 7 dps.  That was good.  I spent 15 minutes trashing out the sewing room and it barely made a dent.  Baby steps, people.  Baby steps.


Last night, I found myself with the laundry folded and the house picked up so I cut into a felted orange sweater to make this pumpkin.  It was serendipity that I actually had an orange sweater and the ribbing from a brown one to pull this together.  I made the whole thing up and in about 30 minutes, the basic form was finished.  I spent another 15 minutes adding the stitching lines today.  It's not totally what I envisioned, but I kind of like it anyhow.  We'll see what the girls think – they are my toughest critics.

I'm off to buy a better paper shredder.  Fun stuff, huh?

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