The auction is tomorrow and if you would have asked me three days ago how I felt about it, I would have predicted that I'd be well finished by now. If you would have asked me two hours ago, you would have heard nothing but panic. And right now, a little less panic. There is still some work to do. This is how it goes. It will all get done, it will all be good, maybe even great, and I will rest on Sunday.

I had a haircut on the calendar for this morning and I did manage to squeeze that in. I've been dreaming about getting a summer cut once the weather gets warmer. I took a good long look in the mirror this morning and decided that my long-ish hair wasn't doing me any favors. In fact, it was weighing me down. I didn't really plan on cutting it until April, but when I sat in the stylist's chair this morning, on a whim I told her to chop it off.

Chop chop

Three to four inches shorter and I automatically felt lighter.  I'm so glad I did not wait for summer to get my summer cut.

I hope the weekend treats us all well. And that each of you has a moment to do something nice for yourself. I promise to take photos of all the auction projects I can to share next week. See you then.

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