It’s kind of hard to tell in this photo, but these are the SAME peonies from two days ago.  Crazy, huh?  No longer pink, more like peachy butter.  Their metamorphosis was a nice surprise – kind of like getting two bouquets for the price of one.

The girls and I are adapting to all the togetherness that comes along with summer vacation.  We had swim team practice this morning, swam a bit longer then ran errands.  Now the girls are at my neighbor’s house for one hour of quiet reading time.  They can read, journal or draw, but no talking aloud.  If they can’t keep quiet, home they come.  I love this idea and hope it sticks.

Back soon with some McCoy and hopefully, some sewing.  The locally owned fabric store has their semi-annual 40% off everything sale tomorrow.  I have a list to make!

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