…is for Chicago, my home town.  It is where I was born, where I grew up, where Fatty and I lived after getting married.  There are times I miss the big city, but we are very happy where we are now.

…is for candy.  The sugary kind – you know, swedish fish, gumdrops, orange slices, gummy bears, etc.

…is for caramel.  I’d choose this over chocolate, too.  Yes, I like sweets.

…is for corn.  Yummy, golden summertime in my mouth.  If we aren’t eating it straight off the cob, we are having corn salad (recipe here).  You should try it.  Every bite is delicious.


…is for craft.  This is the all-encompassing blanket term for the things I love to do.  Need I say more? 

…is for crying.   I cry often, sometimes for no one particular reason.  It just builds up and then, boom – tears.  I cry when sad, when angry, when stressed, when tired.  Especially when I am tired.

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