The first time I saw Anna Maria Horner's fabrics, I was blown away.  Her patterns are fresh, the colors saturated and fresh.  Each time she comes out with a new fabric line, I am equally bowled over.  She always manages to out do herself.  For us, that is a very good thing.  Her newest book, Handmade Beginnings, is wonderful addition to any craft book library.  While the book focuses on 24 sewing projects to welcome baby, it is more than that.  I love that it is so versatile!  I asked Anna Maria a few questions and I am excited to share our chat with you.

Am 5

E:  First, congratulations! I really like your new book. 

AM:  Thanks, I'm so glad
you like it!

Am 1

thank you notebook

E:  It has a wide range of projects and they are all so cute.  What
me the most is that this book is great for new parents and it's still
fantastic for those of us who don't have babies at home.  How did you
come up with such versatile projects?

AM:  Well as I wrote the book I was going through
the very motions of both expecting
a baby
and also wanting to provide for the rest of the family

A new baby is a
perfect time to
not only make goods for the new one and for the mama, but its really a
celebratory time in your life when you can do a sort of preparing your
home (also known as nesting!).  I think of it as sort of like preparing
for company.  You might spend some time on what your new guest will
need, but also make sure everyone else in your family is provided for.  I
am just very lucky to have my own big family as inspiration.  The key
things I asked myself with every
project idea though is, would I make this for someone else, or is this
still useful or beautiful even when not expecting a baby?  So if I could
answer yes to one or both of those questions, then it passed the project test

E:  I really like that you talk about your color choices
for each project.  Why did you want to write these color notes?

AM:  I provide the color
notes with the hope that it provides insight into how I put things
together, which seems to be one of the more popular questions that I
get.  I did this also in Seams to Me, bc I really want the reader to
feel like they're right there next to me in the studio, flipping through
piles of fabrics and hearing some color/design logic behind my
composition decisions.  I think its just that little something extra for
readers to feel involved in the process and therefore, hopefully, more
inspired about their
own fabric selection.

Am 3

swaddled baby love

E:  It's great that you include
projects for siblings and even Dad.  And everything in your book is
practical and beautiful,
too.  Do you think having a large family influenced the way you
approached Handmade Beginnings?

AM:  As
mentioned above, most definitely!  I have thought before how different
this book would be if it were written during my first pregnancy, or even during
the third pregnancy!  Every pregnancy is different and each one has
been a beautiful time, with a new wisdom all its own.  For me
personally, I feel like I've really come to appreciate not only what a
new baby brings to mom and dad, but I have watched and marveled at how
it transforms the family as a unit and its left me in awe.  I wanted
there to be a project for each and every need, detail, sibling,
relationship and nook that a baby transforms simply by arriving.  And
one book can't do it all, but I certainly hope that it provides a
starting point and lots of home
& heart centered inspiration.

Am 4

center of attention quilt

E:  Thanks, Anna Maria!

AM:  Thank you so much for
such thoughtful questions, and I am in love with your Sixth Times the
Charm Quilt
!!  Beautiful job and you didn't even have to have 6 kids to
make it.  Good thinking!  Have a great weekend


I'm giving away 2 copies of Handmade Beginnings! For a chance to win, leave a comment on this post before Monday, May 17 at 3 pm EST.  Wiley Publishing is also running a drawing for 1 SINGERยฎ Confidenceโ„ข 7470 sewing
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24 Sewing Projects to Welcome Baby.
Details and
how to enter can be found here.
  Finally, you can read much more about this great book by following Anna Maria on her blog tour.

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Enjoy your weekend.

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