The good news:  the twirly skirt tutorial is finished!  The bad news:  I can’t get it up on my blog the way I want.  I have spent the entire afternoon trying different things and still can’t get it right.  If there are any typepad users out there who can help, I’d appreciate it.  Here’s the deal:  I set it up as a photo album.  In design configuration, when I click on the photo album to show in the sidebar, you can only see my description/introduction.  I don’t want this (lengthy) information there.  What I really want is a thumbnail of the above skirt that you click to take you to the gallery/tutorial.  Anybody have an idea?

For all of those waiting, it’s coming.  I promise.

Thank you Kim!!!!  You can find the tutorial link in the right side bar.  Ahhh…finished!

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