Today is Talk Like A Pirate Day.  I am not kidding – this is serious stuff in this house.  OK, well not really serious, more like silly serious, but we do commemorate it every year with lots of ahoys and arrr’s. This year the girls and I are sporting the jolly roger.


Kate is wearing her beloved, girlie pirate shirt by Paul Frank.  Look at those red eyes – can you tell that she just finished one of her famous meltdowns?


Mine was made by my good friend Suzanne.  She made this for our local craft swap last spring or winter.  I love that she used an old pair of Nantucket reds to cut out the skull and cross bones.  I also love that she appliqued this because she doesn’t sew much.  She is much more in her element designing beautiful jewelry.  She has a real talent and a great jewelry line.  Pick up her baubles at her website – bellalulu.


And Jane…as of this morning, she didn’t have a pirate shirt.  What’s a girl to do?  Why, beg her mother to make her one!  Aye, aye me lady!  And then lay out the specifications: a smile, pink eyelashes and a bow, please.  Hmm, where did she get that idea?  Do you think that has something to do with the shirt her sister is wearing?!?.  I obliged with everything but the eyelashes.  C’mon – pink eyelashes?  I think she wanted pink fabric, too, but I couldn’t resist this sweet green floral.  Thank goodness she liked it – one of us could have been walking the plank!

And today after school, we went on the search for pirates’ treasure and ended up at the candy store for what else….GOLD COINS!  Arrrr, they were good!

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