Four times a year, friends and I have our own little craft swap.  It works like this:  if there are 9 participants, you make 8 of one thing.  We meet up, everyone swaps and you go home with a craft from each of the other participants.  Sound like fun?  Yup, it is!


What with Halloween costumes to make and other pressing life duties (read:  parenting, laundry, grocery and cleaning), I managed to finish my craft in the nick of time.  I have told you all before that I am a procrastinator so it shouldn’t surprise you that I spent all day yesterday sewing.  You got it – 8:15 am until 5:00 pm with about an hour break at lunch and 20 minutes to go get Jane at school.  I even had time left over to take a shower!


I made more patchwork belts – super easy and lots of fun.  It just
takes me a long time to pick which fabrics should go together and get
them in the right order.  Once that is decided, it takes no time at
all.  Unless, of course, you are making eight!

But the payoff for all that time was stupendous!  Look at my new goodies!


This very cool animal doll by Brenda – inspired by artist Lisa Simon.


Wood and stone earrings by Suzanne and Ribbon Bracelet by Cynthia.  I think I will be wearing these together


Felted Cell Phone Cozy by Shawna.  The alpaca she used to knit this is from her mother-in-law’s alpacas!


Green Serged Napkins and Hose Clamp Napkin Rings by Laura and Wire and Beaded Spreader by Lynette.  Both handy for entertaining!


Luggage Tags by Robyn – we need these!


Pajama Shorts by Marcia.  Please excuse the wrinkles – I slept in them last night!  Cute and comfy!

Nothing like a bunch of gifts to get me in the holiday spirit a little early.  Thanks ladies – I love them all!

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