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Thank you all for you good suggestions and comments on my sleeveless tova. I haven't looked at it again. I know I will try to correct the fit in some way, but with the beginning of colder weather, working on a sleeveless top just hasn't appealed to me. I will get there, though, I'm sure.

There have been moments this week when I have wanted to sit down and pound out a few paragraphs on the computer about things I have made in the last few months, but it has been hard to find a good moment. I do have things to share, but they aren't photographed and all that stuff takes time. And truly, right now, as I'm typing this, I should be doing something else entirely. But I'm fried and spent and just need to take a moment for myself. Most of the week has been packed full of things that needed doing, that still need doing, and other things that need even more attention, but that I have been neglecting. That elusive balance thing? Even more so elusive for me recently. But! I am still trying to find it, still working hard to find my groove.

Things are happening in the background around here that I am not ready to talk about on the blog yet. It's all good – really good, actually. But in the meantime, there hasn't been much time for making. I found myself almost in tears on Tuesday night because I can't find the time to wash my car and really, it's so not about my kid-crumb infested, dirty vehicle. When I thought about it on Wednesday morning, it's more about how am not creating anything at the moment. Not trying new recipes, not sewing quilt squares, not even knitting although there is a small project in my purse at all times. No handmade Halloween costumes this year, either. I miss the creativity and the joy it brings to me. And the time to do it. I miss that, too.

All that said, I took 30 minutes and started cutting some fabric for a quilt.

It's a start.

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