March 10

Do you ever hit a creative wall? You know, the kind of moment when you really want to make, but you just can't seem to get motivated to start? I'm there, friends, in some ways. I have grand ideas, but I am second guessing myself at every turn. I know I can suffer from visual stimulation overload, where I can't get past all the looking and ooh-ing and ah-ing that happens on the internet. When that happens, I freeze. I am unable to keep moving forward with my plans, with my making.

I'm curious. How do you get your creative juices flowing? What does it take for you to be in a creative state of mind? How do you prioritize your making?  Help a girl out.

Gina's stack

An incentive: talk to me about your creative blocks and what you do to get around them. On Sunday night, I will choose one commenter at random to receive a custom bundle of goods from my stash. I had a ton of fun doing this for Gina, who won my last giveaway. That's her stack above. The winner's will be different, made just for them, by me.

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