She is full of energy and full of life.  She wears her emotions on her face – you can always tell if she is happy or sad or excited.  There is no hiding it for her.  She is stubborn and determined – if she wants something she won't quit until it's hers.  She is funny and good at making puns.  She is kind and helpful, almost always willing to do what I ask.  She is messy and doesn't like to put her clothes away.  She does like cleaning toilets, though.  This past year she learned to ride her bike and multiply and divide.  She likes the colors pink and purple the best.  She is adept at changing the subject when you aren't talking about what she wants.  She started to play the piano and I often hear her practicing on her own.  She devours books and goes through reams of paper writing stories and illustrating them.  She sings loudly and jumps high.  She has a sweet tooth.  Pasta is her favorite food.  When she grows up, she wants to live in the house next door.  I think that would be nice.

She is Kate and she is eight today.

Nov 12

Happy Birthday to my sweet girl.

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