My baby turns five today.  For whatever reason, I find this so bittersweet.  I know I was this way when Jane turned five, too.  It is such a little number signaling a big transition – Kate is no longer my baby, no longer my toddler, she is my child.  In her words, a big kid.


And what a big kid she is!  She is sweet and charming, stubborn and defiant, confident in her abilities, but scared of the dark.  She has a beautiful smile and an endless curiosity.  Her imagination amazes me:   I have never met a child with so many imaginary friends all who have their own complex stories that she keeps consistent when changing them constantly.  She is so grown up and she is still so young.  I love the way she says, "Eeee" instead of "Um" when asking a question.  And how she talks out of the side of her mouth when she has something clever to say.  And how she has declared, at this young age, that she will go to Texas on her honeymoon.


Kate, I am blessed to have you.  You tolerate my singing, you keep me on my toes, you test my patience, you melt my heart, you help make my world go round.  Happy Birthday Big Girl!  You will always be my baby.  I love you, bug – more than you know!

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