Well, hi.

I was going to show you all my new bag and tell you about how much I adore it, but the camera battery is dead.  I don’t use a card reader so it needs a charge before I can get the photos off.  Tomorrow, ok?

Instead I’ll show you a happy little fabric shot.


Melissa asked for trees for this month’s Virtual Quilting Bee.  She sent the light green solid at the top of the photo and some white.  She said we could add prints from our stash so I played around in the studio yesterday, making piles of green fabrics.  I was really surprised at how many different green dots I have.  Anyhow, I have a plan – and I am pretty excited about it.  I just hope I can make it work out.  I think I will have lunch and then give it a go.  I always sew better on a full stomach.

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