When school started, I was all set to start knitting my knee socks.  Wouldn’t you know I couldn’t find my size 1 double points?  Hmmm….Then it hit me.  I still hadn’t finished Jane’s socks.  For a split second, I thought about buying a second set, but then thought better and started knitting her socks again.


To be fair, the first sock was about two-thirds finished.  Now I realize it was a good thing I didn’t finish them back in the spring.  It’s no secret that my two little girls are very close to the same size.  Jane, who is two years older, wears one size bigger than Kate in everything, including shoes.  She must have had a big growth spurt this summer because the foot portion of her sock ended up being about two inches longer than Kate’s.  And Kate’s socks….kind of small now.  Lesson learned.  No kid sock knitting in the spring.


I was sweating it a bit, but thankfully there was just enough yarn to knit them both.  When I cast off, I had four and half yards of yarn left.  Phew – that was close.  I used this pattern – easy to follow and very simple.  The yarn is Claudia’s Hand Painted, fingerling weight, Red Wagon colorway (as best I can tell from the website – I lost the tag!).


I chose the On Your Toes pattern from the summer issue of Interweave Knits for my knee socks.  Thanks to lots of tips from Leslie, I am knitting right along…. on the airplane earlier this week, at the doctor’s office yesterday (sinus infection – ugh!), in front of the TV at night and, of course, every day in the carpool line.

Happy weekend folks!

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